Published by WestBow Press


Tell Them That I love Them is a personal  message given to the author John DiBattista Jr., directly by Jesus Christ. These short stories will take you step by step through his own personal conversion, his spiritual growth process, and finally, his life of service. Read closely. There is a message for you, and all who desire spiritual power and personal fulfillment.

About the Author

John DiBattista is an ordained evangelist who has traveled around the world, preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His spiritual experiences mirror those of Jesus' disciples and bring hope and renewal to all those who repent and are born again. John and his wife, Caryl, live near Chicago and love to ride their horse Preacher, travel, and be with their family and three grandchildren. Michelle Watson is the creative editor of this book. Her name was given to John by the Holy Spirit, and she took the stories from his journals and put them in creative language while maintaining and often enhancing the message.